Quest Model Rocketry Science Teaching Guide - Q9500

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STEM From the Beginning!

Model rocketry is a STEM learning process in disguise! For over 50 years in thousands of schools it’s been an activity that is motivating, affordable and safe. For many youngsters a model rocket project is their first opportunity to set goals, define solutions, and use their minds and skills to achieve those goals…. all in a setting of positive socializing and self-esteem building.

Teaching model rocketry science education has been STEM from the very beginning! Science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) have been the founding principles of model rocketry utilized in science education. Model rocketry’s inherent STEM approach has been a primary motivating force for a number of NASA astronauts from childhood to eventually orbiting Earth. 

The Quest Teaching Guide uses model rockets to teach science to students. Activities may be adapted for grades 5-12 and fitted to the rocketry experience of students and teachers. This publication includes sample lesson plans and many unit planning ideas.