Quest Micro Maxx™ Critical Mass Complete Starter Set - Q5620

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Quest’s RTF Micro Maxx™ Starter Set delivers the thrilling experience of model rocketry in a small yard setting! These Ready-to-Fly micro-sized rockets require only a 50-foot diameter launch area. Designed for backyard fun - you won’t lose these micros the first time you launch them. Featuring the powerful Micro Maxx™ motor, maximum altitude is 120 feet and the silver Mylar™ streamer recovery system ensures that they land nearby! This starter set includes one RTF Critical Mass Micro Maxx™ Rocket with streamer recovery, 3 Micro Maxx™ rocket motors with MMX-G2 initiators, Launch Pad and Q2 Launch Controller, plus a collector style display stand. The only thing extra to buy is a 9-volt alkaline, snap-top, battery for the Launch Controller (sold separately).



1 Critical Mass Micro Maxx™ (Streamer Recovery)

3 pack of Micro Maxx™ motors

Complete Micro Maxx™ Launch System (Q7702)

Re-usable range box with carry handle

Recommended for ages 10 to adult. Direct adult supervision is suggested for those under 12 years of age when building or flying model rockets.

  • Specifications:

    Skill Level 1

    Length - 5.25 inches (13.2 cm)

    Diameter - 0.36 inches (9.1 mm)

    Approximate Weight - 0.16 ounces (4.58 grams)

    Mylar Streamer Recovery

    Maximum Altitude 120 feet (37 meters)