Quest Phaser Launch Controller - Q7512

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AeroTech/Quest introduces new Phaser™ Launch Controller (No. 7512) for the Quest Model Rocketry Starter Sets and Launch Sets.  The Phaser features a futuristic handheld design for two-handed operation.  Bright red LED arming light signals a ready-to-launch status and large red launch button makes rocket ignition a breeze.  Safety key is spring-loaded when inserted and is permanently attached, via flexible cord, to the Phaser Controller to avoid loosing it in the grass.  Includes 18 ft. of launch cable with flat-jawed micro-clips for secure attachment to the rocket motor’s initiator.  Requires one 9 volt, snap-top, Lithium battery for operation - Not Included.  Fresh 9 volt Lithium battery should deliver 75 to 100 or more launchings when used with FirstFire™ Micro or Mini Initiators.